Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) is proud to introduce two suites of PPO products called SmartSense® and Premier that will provide even more affordable individual insurance options. Plus, Anthem has a new plan option of locking in rates for up to five years an industry first! These products are currently being sold effective of April 1, 2009 in Indiana.

SmartSense is a new price-conscious, choice-driven health insurance plan ideal for individuals, early retirees, students and the uninsured. Anthem’s SmartSense plans provide coverage for up to three physician office visits a year before a member has to meet a deductible, a wide range of covered benefits and a choice of prescription drug coverage options. SmartSense is designed to provide protection against expensive and unexpected medical bills and offers a variety of deductibles, starting at $500, that allow consumers to find a premium they can afford. This plan offers:

  • One of our lowest monthly rates
  • A choice of prescription drug benefits (Generic only or optional brand coverage)
  • Three office visits with a $35 Copay prior to the deductible; additional visits subject to deductible and coinsurance

The Premier Plan is designed for customers who want the security of a comprehensive benefit design with lower out of pocket costs. This plan is also a good choice for families with children, or those planning to have children. Comprehensive prescription drug coverage is included with no deductible for generic drugs and The Premier plan provides unlimited coverage for office visits before having to meet a deductible, provides coverage for preventive benefits without having to first meet a deductible, and offers the ability to add maternity coverage and a choice of comprehensive prescription coverage options.

This plan offers:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Maternity Rider available on Deductible levels of $2,500 Single/ $5,000 Family and greater
  • Coverage of generic, brand and specialty drugs
  • Unlimited Office visits with $30 Copay for Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and $40 Copay for Specialists
  • Coverage for Preventive benefits that are not subject to the plan deductible

In an effort to help members make their expenses more predictable, Anthem is has also introduced
Anthem’s Fixed Rate Option, a way members can lock in a health plan’s monthly rate for three or five years. Anthem’s Fixed Rate options are for those members between the ages of 50 and 63 who enroll in one of our Individual SmartSense, Premier or Lumenos® HSA health plans. Anthem’s fixed rate option is designed to maximize savings for long-term Individual health plan members who are planning for retirement, entering a new stage in life where they may need individual coverage, or looking for the added security of a guaranteed price until they are eligible for Medicare.